Monday, April 9, 2018

Come Share the Good Medicine

Sarah with her Mama at the Masquerade Ball

It's shaping up to be another amazing year at the Good Medicine Confluence! Last year we had an amazing time meeting all of the inspiring and unique plant people. What an accepting, open-hearted, and highly intelligent bunch of folks! I felt like I truly found my tribe there.

This year I'll be traveling back to Durango, Colorado again in mid-May to soak up more of the abundant green blessings. My Mama and I are especially excited for this year's masquerade ball, since we had a great time grooving to the beats under the stars last year.

We will have a booth at the Healer's Market offering The Herbal Healing Deck. I will also be teaching two classes:

Herbs for Heartache and Breakups

Throughout the ages, romantic love has been a bearer of both soaring joy and bottomless sorrow, exquisite pleasure and unbearable pain. When the sweetness of love turns sour or is cut short, we often experience heartache, heartbreak, grief, sadness, anger, and perhaps even a dark night of the soul. This class will focus onherbal allies that can help us navigate the complicated web of breakups, separations, and troubling relationship scenarios. Of course, there is no cure for a broken heart, but there are plants that can help us get through the experience with greater ease. We'll explore plant allies that can help ease the acute grief we feel in the emotional and physical heart, as well as plants that assist in releasing chronic or stagnant grief in the lungs.

We will also look at plants that can help us attain the strength to cut energetic cords, reclaim our own identity, and gain emotional distance from relationships that are toxic, unhealthy, or simply no longer serve our highest good. We'll also explore plants that support conflict resolution and ease emotional turmoil for times when we have to deal with external things like dividing possessions and changing our place of residence. We will spend some time covering deep issues that relationships stir up within us, like guilt, resentment, and crisis of identity. Above all, this class will honor and celebrate the strength and tenacity of the human spirit when going through experiences that cut us to the core and challenge us deeply.

Wild Foods for Wild Folks

You are what you eat. We've all heard the old adage, but this is one saying that is true in the literal sense. The food we consume becomes the very molecules of our being. So, which would you rather be -- domesticated or wild? Wild foods have a special, vibrant energy straight from the heart of Mother Nature that is imparted to us when we consume them. Eating wild foods makes for wild folks -- it is a way to reconnect with our primal roots while also maintaining vibrant health. By eating the strongest, most resilient and abundant plants, we become stronger, more resilient, and more abundant ourselves.

Following the wise woman tradition of herbalism, incorporating medicinal weeds into our food is part of a healthy lifestyle, and it helps us get out of the paradigm of simply using plants like drugs to address symptoms. Wild plants are chock full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals so that we can nourish ourselves using whole foods. Why take countless supplements when we can get optimal nutrition from foods found abundantly in nature? Wild edibles support our health from the ground up and are a great way to side-step conventional food and monetary systems while connecting with nature at the same time. Come and learn about a variety of wild and weedy edibles that also have medicinal and nutritive properties, as well as some yummy recipes and ideas for how to enjoy them.

We hope you'll join us! Learn more or get tickets at


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