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The Ancient Art of Tincture Making

Tinctures are an affordable, convenient, and long-lasting form of herbal medicine that can be made easily. This post teaches beginners how to make tinctures, and provides inspiration for seasoned herbalists to get in touch with the Wise Woman tradition of medicine-making.



Wildcrafting Basics: How to Reap the Healing Bounty of Mother Nature

 So, you want to start using the abundant medicines of Mother Nature? To herbalists, the practice of harvesting wild plants and fungi is called wildcrafting. Here we share tips for gathering clean, potent, and free medicines straight from the source. 

How to Make Your Own Herbal Throat Spray

Herbal throat sprays are a great alternative to conventional sprays because they are full of antibacterial and antiviral ingredients that help soothe your sore throat while also creating an uninhabitable environment for all kinds of viruses and infections. Learn how to make your own!

Best Herbal Remedies for Winter: Part One

Let's face it--radiant health doesn't come as easily in the winter. This post shows you how to stay warm with Ginger and Cayenne, how to stay healthy with Echinacea and Elder, and even how to make your own herbal throat spray.



Best Herbal Remedies for Winter: Part Two

 Part Two of our winter remedies series focuses on beating wintertime blues with St. John's Wort and Tulsi. Then, we shift the focus to breathing easy with Eucalyptus, Menthol, and a do-it-yourself vapor rub recipe.

8 Herbs for Protection

Herbs offer us all kinds of protection, from physical protection from things like food poisoning to spiritual protection from negative energies. Here, we cover 8 of the best herbs to use for protection: St. John's Wort, Garlic, Wood Betony, White Sage, Yarrow, Pine, Agrimony, & Cinquefoil.

Weeds are Wealth (Or, Why I Eat Like a Cow)

This post discusses the value of eating wild plants, both from a health perspective as well as a financial one. Specifically, we delve the health benefits of Violet, Chickweed, and Dandelion.

Herbocalypse Now: Herbalism as Activism in a Shifting World

 This article, which first appeared in the Winter 2012 edition of Plant Healer Magazine, discusses herbalism as a form of activism. Learn how something as simple as making your own medicine can bring the power back to the people--where it belongs!

Vapor Rub Recipe

How to make your own herbal vapor rub---without the petroleum byproducts!

Herbs And Crystals: A Dynamic Duo

Have you ever wanted to incorporate crystals and gemstones into your herbal healing practice?  Here, we cover a few ideas for doing just that.

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